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I remember the day I realized that I needed a shape! Lol, of course that decision was made because I had no choice.   No choice you say? Well, I tried to get it cut however; that was an epic fail. 

Why is it that in certain cities or states there are no hairdressers that can do natural hair?  Or is it fair to say that they will not do it? It bothers me to no end.  So,  I did some research and decided that I wanted a Deva Cut.   Now, who was going to do that? I found a salon in Studio City, California and the stylist there did an excellent job.  I was well pleased. 

Now I will say that I am a fan of the Deva line products especially the conditioner; however, I did not like the use of the products after the cut. No big deal as long as I liked the cut right? Right.  So I can say that I was one satisfied customer.  No complaints.  

Now, you may ask what is a Deva cut? A Deva cut is simply, well not that simple,  where the stylist cuts each individual curl one by one.  Yes, one by one.  It took her an hour and a half to cut my hair.  I have small curls.  While she is cutting I could not see the style but once she was done it was amazing.  

Now, I go to SuperCuts here in my city and they do a really good job.  It is not a Deva cut but hey I have to get what I can get.  Until next time.  Smooches.

T. Spenc